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Spring Valley Farm ... An Old Fashioned Farm

Tucked away in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, we are very fortunate to be living out our lifelong dream of rural life, country living and raising our family in a natural way.

Spring Valley Farm is home to many creatures. We raise Jersey cows for their milk, breeding stock and natural beef. Alpacas and Merino sheep are raised for their fiber and wool which we sell in raw form as well as processed into roving, yarns and finished goods. Naturally grown chicken and eggs are out of this world. Belgian horses were the tractors of olden days. Although we do have modern tractors, our horses do their share of work around the farm, too.

We're dedicated to operating this farm organically, although we aren't certified as yet. We are firm believers that we are here to take care of the land and the animals that live here. As we also eat what we grow, which includes our own vegetables, we want to grow the most nutritious and delicious foods we can. We eat our own meats, eggs, vegetables and even our raw milk. Our hopes are to have a successful diversified "stock" portfolio that we can hand down to our children some day.

Site Updates

2013/1/14. New year and new products!! We are venturing into a new era here at Spring Valley Farm. We will be starting another chapter on our farm as we are getting into producing small grains for human consumption. We will be growing wheat, rye, oats, barley, spelt, non-GMO corn and maybe even some millet. All of our grains will be grown as organicly as possible and may certify some of our ground as organic. We have had some people suggest a grain CSA, and may try this. We will be needing some start up capital to get this new venture off the ground and pre-selling of products is a very good option. We have also made contact with a local company that will be able to grind our grains into flour with a stone grinding mill. This will give us so many new products to sell here on our farm, over the internet and at farmers markets. We feel there is a larger demand in this area, as more and more people are concerned with what they are eating. We demand the best possible food to eat and will be supplying products to make this possible with our new venture. If you would like any more information about our products, prices, or CSA possibilities, please contact us soon. We will be ordering seed and start on the packaging and cleaning equipment. This is vital for our survival, so please help support local organic agriculture.

2012: We've added bee hives to our farm and can now offer their honey as well. Check out our Products Page!

New for 2011 will be GARLIC! We've just planted a new bed with 6 varieties of garlic. They'll be ready to harvest and sell in the fall.

Green Chopping Forage

Schedule your visit! We're open Monday thru Saturday from 9am until 11:30am or with an appointment. Farm tours and hay rack rides need to be scheduled.

Enjoy Your Virtual Visit

We hope you've enjoyed your virtual visit of the farm. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to voice them! We're always looking for ways to improve, whether it's through this site or through visits.

Hope to see you in person soon!

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